A new range of ultra-thin double-sided tapes has been developed by tesa for the electronics industry.

The tapes measure just a tenth the thickness of a strand of human hair. The thinnest of the new tapes are just 5µm thick, consisting of a 2µm backing and, on each side, a 1.5µm coating of an acrylate adhesive mass developed by the company.
According to the company, worldwide consumer demand for slimmer television sets and hand-held devices has driven product development forward at a rapid pace, which has in turn driven the need for innovation among part and service providers. For tesa the requirement has been to produce double sided tapes which not only save space but help to dissipate the heat generated by components such as processors, which react to temperatures as high as 100°Celsius.

Ultra-flat devices will now benefit from the dual action of the new tesa tapes which hold the sheets of graphite in place that regulate and dissipate heat and themselves offer excellent thermal conductivity.  Further applications include NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna mounting and foam mounting.