New from iwis antriebssysteme are magnetic curves for flat top chains. Marketed under the Flexon brand, the new curves feature almost pulsation free running as a result of uniformly aligned magnetic fluxes throughout all tracks, thus conveying products for the beverage, food and packaging industry with exceptionally low tensions and reduced noise.

Magnetic curves are plastic single or multi-track guides for flat top chains which hold the chain in the curves whilst flexing around a radius by acting upon the chain pins with a series of magnets placed around the bend.

When the pins transfer from one magnetic field to the next, the holding force is reduced and then increased again causing a slip stick effect. These vibrations can then be transferred to the goods that are being transported, and in the worst case may even result in the goods tipping over. With the new Flexon magnetic curves, the slip stick effect has been reduced to practically zero by optimising the arrangement of the magnets, adapting the magnetic field strength and increasing the size of the magnetic fields themselves. This enables products to be transported smoothly, with minimal jerking and much lower noise.

iwis has succeeded in reducing the forces that are created in the curves by as much as 60%, meaning they do not require as much driving power, and it is possible to run longer conveying systems with the same drive units.  With the arrangement of magnets, configured individually for each track according to pin diameter and chain pitch, Flexon magnetic curves achieve almost identical magnetic forces in each track. The magnetic curve track systems have excellent friction characteristics, ensuring that the flat top chains undergo very low wear. The magnetic curve systems are offered in all standard sizes and for all usual flat top chains, radii and angles. Standard Tab and Bevel curves are also available. Versions for individual customer specifications can also be produced.

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